1. Degree in agriculture in Vire (1981-1983)

  2. Dr Paradi's circus workshops (1983-1985)

  3. CNAC in Châlons en Champagne (1986-1989)

  4. “Kulbuto” (1989)

  5. “Châpiteau de corde”/Cirque Archaos (1990)

  6. “Cirque O” (1991-1993)

  7. “Que-Cir-Que” (1994-2000)

  8. “Issu du Cercle” (2000-2001)

  9. “La Serre”/Les Baraques (2001)

  10. “Le Jardin” (2003)

  11. “Bricolage Erotique” (2007)

  12. “Entre Serre & Jardin” (2009)

  13. “Ni Omnibus” (2010)

Didier ANDRE

  1. Industrial designer in Caen (1983)

  2. Cirque du Dr Paradi (1985)

  3. CNAC de Châlons en Champagne (1986-1989)

  4. “Kulbuto” (1989)

  5. “Châpiteau de corde”/Cirque Archaos (1990)

  6. “Cirque O” (1991-1993)

  7. “Institut de Jonglage” (1994-1995)

  8. “Vesque”/Cirque du Dr Paradi (1996-1997)

  9. “Triton”/Philippe Découflé (1999-2000)

  10. “La Serre”/Les Baraques (2001)

  11. “Le Jardin” (2003)

  12. “Bricolage Erotique” (2007)

  13. “Entre Serre & Jardin” (2009)



Despite having been mates for ages, Jean-Paul and Didier come from completely different backgrounds. Nothing in their previous careers had the slightest hint of either circus or even less the theatre. Jean-Paul, qualified in agriculture, in the bovine/porcine livestock category, works on the family farm; Didier is an industrial draftsman with Moulinex. They take part as curious amateurs in the workshops given by the Cirque du Docteur Paradi, the former tempted by the unicycle and handbalancing, the latter, a trained mathematician, obviously drawn towards juggling.

In spring 1985 they come partly by chance across a leaflet announcing the opening of what would become the renowned National Centre of Circus Arts in Chalons en Champagne and decide to try their luck. The first batch of pupils from Chalons brings out their final year show in 1989. A company, and one of note, Archaos, is interested by the talent of the new graduates. A tour later on, Jean-Paul and Didier team up with six of their old classmates and found Cirque O, another fabulous and renowned modern circus troupe. Then, in 1994, their paths diverge. Didier goes off for a while to the Institute of Juggling and Philippe Découflé while Jean-Paul co-founds Que-Cir-Que of which he will

become one of the three central figures.

Jean-Paul and Didier finally meet up again in 2001 in order to create as a duo The Greenhouse. A poetico-agricultural show in which the 30 minutes of incredible, light hearted and witty prowess are very far from the normal style and sequin-sparkle of the Big Top. Titillated by the urge to make the pleasure last longer, they concoct a longer version of The Greenhouse; The Garden, a work which at the same time marks their submission to the frontal laws of the theatre. In December 2007 they create Bricolage Erotique, another piece for theatre, and their third show as a duo.


Didier ANDRE